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Maximizing Your Side HustleKelly Lynn Adams

Kelly Lynn Adams is a business coach and strategist who helps you cultivate and capitalize on your side hustle while feeling in total alignment. 

Three Best Practices


Mindset – In addition to learning something everyday, whether that be listening to a podcast, watching a youtube video or listening to a training, I invite you to get into a meditative state whether that be to actually meditate and/or be still, journal, take a walk and let your mind wander. I would also invite you to start to daydream and visualize daily the life and business that you want to create – see it in your minds eye, and feeling the feelings of your life already manifested.

Maximizing Your Time 

Maximizing Your Time – I would recommend the two strategies below.Sunday Weekly Planning. Before the week starts, dedicate some time on Sundays to plan your days and week ahead. Giving yourself time and space to create a schedule that works for you will help to elevate any stress you may bring into the week. Pulling out your calendar and writing down each day what tasks need to get done creates focus and accountability in your life. This Sunday weekly planning does not only have to include businesses tasks but any other responsibilities that you have (many of us forget to schedule in play time for yourselves).Write Down Your Non-Negotiables. Either the night before or in the morning you will want to list out your top 1 to 3 daily non-negotiable(s), the “most crucial” tasks that you would like to get done before your head hits the pillow at night – no excuses. If you want to take it one step further, try to see if you can accomplish these tasks before mid-day. Once you have accomplished your non-negotiable(s) list you will want to reward yourself. Remember small daily right actions create a compound effect which then in return creates momentum in accomplishing your goals.

Monetizing In Your Life & Business

Monetizing In Your Life & Business. Create a money map. Get a blank piece of paper or you can do this on a dry erase board and start to map out all the ways that you can generate and make money – remember there are no limits, the only limits are the ones you put on yourself. How can you make money, can you sell things online, have a garage sale, list out your products and services, create a digital product, dog walk, offer your services at something that you are really good at? Get creative, if you had to create x amount of money how would you do that?

To Do​Review Your Calendar

Decide one thing that you can do each and every day that you are committed to doing that either fills you up, invests in you and/or your business (watching/listening to a motivational video/podcast), or taking better care of yourself.

If you are busy and need some organization and a time management strategy – I invite you to take a look at your last week’s calendar – what changes would you have liked to make? Then imagine that your calendar is completely free – how would you create it? Then take a look at the calendar for the week ahead and create and/or make the necessary adjustments.


DO have a daily spiritual/centering routine for yourself (meditation, journaling, exercising, time alone) – this does not have to be 2 hours long it can be 2 mins or 2 hours depending on your schedule)DO aways invest in yourself – by reading, listening to video’s, podcasts, attending events and/or conferences, hiring a coach or mentor, joining a mastermind, purchasing an online course, etc.


DON’T see what the competition is doing but DON’T compare – you are on your own unique journey – head down and focus, stay in your own laneDON’T take advice from anyone who does not have what you want or is where you want to be.

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