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Jenn Lederer

Champion for your inner unicorn. Advocate and coach who will encourage you to be seen for the genius you are.

Three Best Practices...

 Start Shining 


Start SHINING now! (aka stop asking for permission)

Call to   Action

Always invite your audience to step further into your world (aka have a Call to Action!)

Consistency Queen

Consistency is QUEEN! (aka Keep showing up!)


Go LIVE, now!

Like, right now. Open a new tab on your computer screen. Head over to FB and GO LIVE, now!

  • Introduce yourself "Hi! I am {your name} and I'm {your title}. Today I want to share something you might not know about me / my biz / my journey / my life"
  • Share your STORY. Get vulnerable and let people IN!
  • If you want to be VISIBLE, YOU are the one that has to SHINE the light on YOU!
  • Remember to close with a CTA!


​Be consistent. Staying in action will give you more clarity than any reading / studying / watching from the sidelines will give you.


Apologize for your journey. The first time you go Live or step on stage or lead a webinar isn't going to be as strong as the 100th time you do it. People understand that and aren't looking for perfection. They're simply looking for your LIGHT. So, shine!

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