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Holly Gillen

Holly Gillen is a video production pro who specializes in helping entrepreneurs create "business cinema." Video with a purpose.

Three Best Practices...


It takes time to gain the experience. Make sure you are always taking action and making note of what went right and what you'd like to adjust next time around.


60% - 65% of the video process is planning. Make sure you have a plan. Otherwise, you are making videos just for the sake of making videos and you are wasting time. 


Be patient with yourself. Video is a long-term strategy with short-term wins. 

To DoFigure out your Four Pillars of Pre-Production.

1. Why - Why are you making videos? How does this fit into the bigger picture of your business? Why is this important?

2. Who -
Know your audience. Who are you making videos for?

3. What -
What kind of content will you be creating?

4. How -
How are you going to get it done. What's your budget (time and money)? What equipment do you have?


Do get started now! The race has already begun and if you aren't already running in it you are getting left behind.

Do be easy on yourself, everyone starts with their first video. No one gets to skip this step. Video is a journey you will get better over time.


Don't Wing It - You must understand the 4 Pillars of Pre-Production. Unless you want your audience to fly away.

Don't Try to Be Perfect - There is no such thing as perfect. No one is perfect, no one is expecting you to be perfect. 

More from Holly...

Come on over and check out the Holly G Studios YouTube Channel it's packed full of free resources, training and tutorials.

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