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Facebook Marketing
Frannie Coggeshall

Frannie is a certified expert in Facebook ads who has run thousands of successful campaigns in recent years. 

Three Best Practices...

Focus on Ad Campaigns

Never think that ad copy and images are a secondary thought in you FB Ads campaign, they are on the TOP of the list of things you should focus on. 

Know your Business

To successfully run FB Ads you need to have many areas of your business figured out. Like your funnels, email sequences, financial numbers, etc. It's not a stand-alone thing. 

Listen Carefully

Listen very carefully to what FB (the business) says. They make policy and business changes and they stick to them. They change their algorithm based on that information which can sometimes totally change how you advertise.

To DoFigure out your Four Pillars of Pre-Production.

What can you offer people that will attract them to your business?

This is your ‘freebie’ and will be sent to audiences of people who have never heard of your brand. Make sure it’s easily digestible and while it’s free it should still deliver a lot of value.

After they’ve taken you up on this free offer, what low price product can you put in front of them right away (on the thank you page)?

This should be directly correlated to the freebie you offered and if it’s connected well enough, where they would naturally take the next step, then you will get a high number of people taking you up on the offer.

Keep in mind that there needs to be a price attached to this because it shows more content than just entering an email. These are the people you want to focus your next level of marketing towards.
What’s the main product you want to sell? You should actually create the 2 above parts of the funnel after you’ve determined your actual product and work backwards (for learning sake, I put it in order because that’s how your funnel will be laid out).

If people have taken you up on the freebie and the low price offer, again, this should be a natural next step.

Some things to keep in mind:

Throughout this whole process keep in mind that Facebook isn’t the only place you need to be marketing. It’s important to have a strong email sequence throughout the entire funnel as that’s where a lot of sales happen. Facebook advertising is truly an integral part of your business, it’s not just a set it and forget it, something you do when you have time kind of thing.

Before doing any of this make sure you TRULY know your avatar. Do deep dive customer research and learn as much as you can about them. If you have basic demographics and interests, that’s not enough. You need to go deeper. Google how to do this! No Facebook advertising campaign will ever be successful without having this information.

ABT. Always be testing.


DO be open to trying different things when it comes to mediums. ABT I call it: Always Be Testing. Facebook says that the most successful businesses test a TON and they make 11x more revenue because of it. Use GIFs, create videos, do an IG story, etc. Use mobile placements, instant article, messenger ads. Use short and direct copy, use long story based copy (yes, long copy works!), touch on pain points, touch on desires. People react to different things so you need to build your campaigns that way.

DO be authentic. People can smell the old school, scammy marketers from a mile away and that style doesn't work on Facebook. FB literally continues to change its algorithm to promote authenticity. 


DON'T try to get rich quick. Facebook ads are a long-term game and you need to be ready to invest time and money if you want to win.

DON'T think hiring someone for FB ads is a 'done for you' project. You need to do a lot of work on your end to help your FB Ads manager/consultant create success for you. 

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Frannie offers services ranging from consultation to full service Facebook Marketing. 

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