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Elizabeth Lyons

Elizabeth Lyons is a best-selling author and coach for people who want to write, publish and launch the book they've been dreaming of writing.

Three Best Practices...

Write Daily 

The best way to get (and maintain) traction on your book project is to move the needle every single day toward a complete manuscript, even if you only write 12 words per day. Give yourself a daily goal and don’t criticize yourself if you don’t meet it. Celebrate the writing of even 5 words — you’re 5 words closer to a finished manuscript and you’ll be surprised how quickly the days (whether 5-word or 5000-word days) add up!

Be 10% More Clear

Be 10% more clear on your why than you think you need to be — for many people, figuring out their WHY is more of a “check the box” activity. Therefore, their responses are relatively vague: to make a decent side income, to get more customers, to make an impact. I advise my clients to go at least two levels deeper than their initial assessment. For example, what defines a “side income?” How much money do you want to generate each and every month? What does “get more customers” mean? Are you looking to expand your reach internationally or get 3-5 new clients who pay you $5,000 per year each after reading your book? 

Commit to Quality​

Commit to Quality: People DO judge a book by its cover (pun intended). In a day and age when anyone can publish a book in a day or less, you must adhere to the same quality standards to which you’d be held if you were published by one of the big-five traditional publishing houses. For starters, you must hire a competent editor and cover designer. Neither of these approaches has to break the bank, but I promise that you’ll reap the rewards of your commitment to quality (or not) on the back end.

To Do:  A Reflection On Business

In order to find true success as an author, it's imperative that you set a foundation wherein you know what success looks and feels like to you in this space. Merely answering these questions in check-it-off-the-list fashion isn't effective. The effectiveness of your results will have a direct correlation to the intention you put in. Trust me!

Sit in a quiet space and calm your mind. Complete the following statements with honesty and intention. There are no "wrong" answers as long as the answers are genuine. You don't have to share these with anyone; be sure to answer in a way that's authentic, not with the answer you believe you "should" provide.

1. The reason I want to write this book is _____________________________
[examples: share my story, provide hope, encourage others, entertain others, I have characters in my head dying to get out, increase my credibility in my field, get more clients...]

2. I will believe this book to be successful when _______________________.
[examples: I sell 100 copies, it's officially available for purchase, it nets $1000 in sales, it generates 5 new clients...]

3. I am the perfect person to write this book because ___________________________.

4. My readers will benefit from this book in the following 1-3 specific ways: ____________________________.
[note: avoid simple answers such as "they will become happier." Take your answers 2-3 steps further than what initially comes out. They will be happier in what ways? How will that increase their quality of life?]


Have an entrepreneurial mindset

Have a clear understanding of your why


Expect overnight success; prepare to pivot as necessary and enjoy the adventure!

Get overwhelmed; identify one purposeful step to take each day to move the needle toward your goal

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