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Movement; PilatesDenise Posnak Gaffney

Denise Posnak Gaffney is the owner of an online pilates studio and specializes in helping people feel successful in their movement and great in their bodies.

Three Best Practices

Schedule your Wellness

Schedule in your wellness activities and stick to your schedule for at least 30 days. We all know how easy it is to not workout/meditate/take care of ourselves because our work is so demanding. Experiment for 30 days and commit to a scheduled workout/wellness plan. See how that becomes a fun and life-enhancing habit for you.

Efficient andSustainable Workout

Find the most efficient and sustainable workout for your body and your schedule. You may love boot camp, high intensity spin classes or taking a class at that yoga studio that is a 30-min drive or subway ride from your home, but if those workouts aren’t sustainable because they are too hard or too hard to get to, choose to do something you can easily commit to. Like a weekly walk with your neighbor or hiring a personal trainer to come to your home.

Midday Movement Break

Add in a midday movement break. Preferably outside. It’s easy to start your day strong, especially if you’ve had a good night’s sleep and worked out in the morning. However, that midday slump, as we know it, tends to scream for coffee, mindless Facebook trolling or excuses to do anything but work. Research shows that if you do something healthy midday – like move, meditate, drink water – you will be more productive the rest of your day. Movement can help you process your stress and change your focus so you can return to your work with fresh eyes. And if you take it outdoors, even better.

To Do​Three Minute Movement Refresher


Connect to your body throughout your day by standing up often, stretching and taking conscious breaths.Start your day with movement (dance, yoga, Pilates, walking), even if it’s for 5 minutes.


Don’t opt for a workout routine that taps you out and drains you during your work day.Don’t be hard on yourself when it comes to wellness. Value what steps you are taking to improve and maintain your health and then build on those efforts.

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