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Three Best Practices...

Know your Terms

Ensure that your contracts have the terms you need for your business.

Define your

Define your scope of work clearly with your client to ensure that there is little room for disputes in your contracts over deliverables.


Protect your intellectual property and personal assets.

To DoFigure out your Four Pillars of Pre-Production.

Right now, do a quick legal audit to determine which areas you may need assistance with.

1. Have you set up an entity for your business? If not, is this the right time to do it? Should you explore setting up an LLC?

2. Review your contracts. Do you have the contracts you need for your clients and contractors? Do they cover the areas that you need, such as payment terms, intellectual property ownership, confidentiality and termination?

3. Do you have the website policies you need? For most companies, this includes: terms of use, privacy policy, and disclaimers. If you engage in e-commerce, you may also need a purchase policy. If you haven't updated your policies recently, review them to ensure nothing has changed.

4. Is your intellectual property protected? Do you need to register copyrights or trademarks? Have you ensured that you are not infringing on any third party's intellectual property rights?

If you aren't sure if you are covered, set up a consultation with a lawyer who understands your business to ensure that you have everything you need in place.


Get it in writing. Every. Single. Time.

Be proactive in your legal strategy. Plan now, rather than reacting when there is an issue.


​Assume that an email will cover everything you need for contracts with clients.

Copy and paste someone else's legal forms or website policies without ensuring that they have what you need for your business. Every business is different, so ensure that you have the coverage that YOU need.

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