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Beth Brombosz

Beth Brombosz is a consultant who teaches bloggers and content-creators how to transform their content into a book to use as a marketing tool for business.

Three Best Practices...

Listen to your audience

Listen to your audience. (This, of course, is something you should apply in all areas of your business.) When you hear over and over again that your audience members have a common sticking point, or that they would love to hear more about X, that's a great topic to focus on with your book.

Repurpose your content

Don't be afraid to repurpose your content. Entrepreneurs are incredibly busy, so many if not most of us don't have time to just sit down and write a book. But, if you've been practicing content marketing, you have written content or video or audio you could transcribe and use for your book. This is the fastest (and, in my opinion, smartest) way to write the first draft of your book.

Make Connection

Make connections! If you want to get your book into more readers' hands, you need more people to know that it exists. Your book marketing strategy will be much more effective if you can call upon your friends and biz BFFs to share your book, leave reviews, and otherwise help spread the word about your book.

To DoStruggling to figure out the topic for your first (or next) book? Ask yourself these questions:

"In what area do I want to build authority? For what topic do I want to be the go-to expert?" (Your book is an instant authority and credibility builder, so if you want to be known as an expert on a subject, write your book about that.)

"What do people need to know or believe before they'll be willing to invest in higher priced products in my business?" (Your book is a great, low-cost way to begin to build relationships with new clients, and to convince them that they need to continue to work with you.)

"What question(s) do I get asked over and over again?" (If you keep having to answer the same question, chances are your audience would benefit from a book that's a deep dive into the topic. Clearly they see you as an expert in the topic and they're seeking out your advice or guidance.)


Repurpose your content. I can't emphasize this enough: smart entrepreneurs and content creators find creative ways to repurpose the work that they've already made. There aren't enough hours in the day for most of us to keep creating new stuff. Find ways to bring new life to your old content.

Consider self publishing. It's generally much faster than traditional publishing, and there are print-on-demand platforms out there like CreateSpace that are either free or very low cost to use. Even big-name entrepreneurs with a huge following are choosing to self publish. Don't write it off--it could be the right choice for you!


Limit yourself to an eBook, especially if a significant part of your audience prefers to read printed books. It's easier to just throw a PDF eBook up on your website and sell it, but you may be missing out on a big number of sales if you choose this option. Similarly, DON'T overlook getting your book on Amazon - it can bring you a huge new audience for your business!

Assume that your audience will automatically buy a book if you publish it. It has to be a book that they actually want, AND you have to do a good job of marketing your book, too. (Amanda can definitely help you out with that!)

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