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Annie Spano

Cultivator of community and scholar when it comes to leadership, founder of "Style Collective." 

Three Best Practices...

Make your own Creation 

Create something that you wish existed rather than copying what someone else is doing. Someone else’s business, marketing plan, and road map is not going to work for you – think of all the entrepreneurs who you admire. They all created something unique and different; they didn’t copy each other to get to where they are today. 

Know your Values

Know your values and your story of WHY you are starting your business. Your story will inspire action from others.


Be consistent in everything that you do: show up as the same person in every aspect of your life; be the same on social as you are in real life, don’t hide behind a façade or pretend to be someone else. Be your true self, flaws and all, in everything that you do.

To Do​Know Your Values

Know your values. What is unique to you and your life story that you hold truest to your heart? What are your non-negotiables that make you unique? What will you fight for until you die? Broadcast it from the rooftops and make it your mission to inspire others to join your cause. This is how you become an authentic leader in your life and business.


Form personal relationships with others. This will allow you to create a unique niche for yourself and find things that your audience wants. You can create valuable resources that someone wants from you and only you!

Start with things that don’t scale. Test things on a small scale with test groups and when it’s a success, then invest time and resources to roll it out on a large scale. This way if you find out that an idea doesn’t work, you haven’t lost much except your own time.


Don’t get discouraged; it’s okay to feel like you want to give up. Acknowledge those emotions and then get back up. Look at how far you’ve come and keep going even when you want to give up.

Don’t copy someone else! Be you and let your brilliance shine through. We are humans, and we crave authenticity and connection.

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