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Three Best Practices

Know which media is right for you!

Know which media is right for you. If you have a brick and mortar business, online media is good for raising visibility and inspiring credibility but won’t necessarily get people through the door (go for local press!). If you have an online business, target media that people consume online, like websites and blogs and even podcasts. Also consider how you like to communicate best. Are you a talker? Or do you prefer to write? Pitch media in which you can really shine.

Generate  Great Ideas

Come up with great ideas with which to reach out to the media. It’s not about you…it’s about what you can bring to the audience. Inspire the decision-maker (editor, podcaster, producer, reporter) with a fantastic story idea that will truly serve their audience.

Provide a Service​

Remember you are doing podcasters, journalists, reporters, producers, and editors a huge service by providing them with great content. They are not up there on a pedestal. They need you as much as you need them. Remind yourself you know your stuff and you deserve to be seen and heard. 

To Do​Come up with two pitches

Come up with two pitches…your journey pitch, and your “how-to” pitch. You can structure your journey pitch by thinking about where you were “before,” what happened that caused a change or reflection in your life or career, and how that catalyzed you into the human you are today, do what you do. When you think about your, “how-to” pitch, think about the most common basic question you always answer in your business. You can adapt these two pitches for many different opportunities.


DO organize your efforts with a list of media; chart the date you sent your pitch and the topic you pitched. Make a note of when you will aim to follow up. DO create relationships. Be intentional about reaching out and make efforts to connect before ever asking for anything.


DON’T send a blast email to a zillion contacts (or even 5 contacts) at the same time. Customize every pitch you send. DON’T make it about you. It’s only about in so much as you are the perfect person to be delivering this particular useful, interesting, revolutionary, customized insight to their audience.

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