I believe that we all have an important story to tell. Telling that story effectively can be the ticket to a thriving business.

Stop saying the same thing as everyone else. Mine your story for your business’s unique messages.

I’m here to help you tell your story. I’m here to help you get your message out there. I’m here to help you connect with the people who need you.

I’m here to hand you the megaphone.

unnamedI’m a New Yorker by way of New Jersey with stints in Washington, DC and Madrid, Spain. I’m told my Jersey often shows through, whatever that means. The biggest change in my life story is the recent arrival of my baby daughter. It’s hard to adjust when the story you’ve told yourself about your life suddenly (or not so suddenly) changes. But, you get to write new stories.

For a decade, I wrote pitches for companies like Disney and Dove, Brawny and Baskin Robbins, Colgate and Campbell’s. Clients would come to me with a spokesperson and some message points and I’d package it up and create a story that would get pitched to news outlets across the country. The pitches I wrote resulted in appearances on nearly every local television outlet in the country and every national cable and network morning show at one time or another.

I know what it takes to connect with an audience.

Now, I use my pitch powers for good.

My day-to-day in this niche of PR is exactly what every last entrepreneur is tasked with doing when marketing their business. Take a spokesperson (themselves) and a message (their business or product) and create a story that connects with an audience.

I help you create your story. The guiding principle is: never leave your past behind.

I help you position yourself as a thought leader. You have expertise; find the confidence to mine it.

I help you assume meaningful brand status. You, and your work, are worth the investment. Find the people who agree.

I help you take your practice to the next level by consistently, effortlessly, and genuinely creating content that connects with your prospects.

I help you write jargon-free, create tantalizing teases, write killer bullet points and awesome headlines, take a generic article idea and make it so specific to your audience it makes them feel like you peeked into their heart and soul, transform the way you engage in social media so it stops sucking your time and doesn’t ruin your life.

I’ve helped entrepreneurs chart marked improvements in the size of their lists, client base and revenue, and the engagement of their prospective clients on social media.

Learn more about what kind of alchemy could come of a partnership between us. Let’s play.


Strange but true:

In my first job out of college, I booked interviews for and worked with Joan Rivers, Holly Hunter, Billy Jean King, Kathy Lee Gifford, Anderson Cooper, and among many others, Paul McCartney, who came out of the studio and saw me working the phones and said “So nice to have women in the control room; usually it’s big burly men!”

I helped produce an event for the arrival of AXE body spray on US soil, wherein we landed helicopters on the USS Intrepid. Looking back, I wonder where the US customs agents were.

I’ve booked and produced thousands of interviews for spokespeople ranging from the doctor who was paid to tout the benefits of the newest drug to treat fibromyalgia to Jenny Garth who was paid to promote Pillsbury Pie Crusts.

I spent September 11, 2001 in NYC in a television studio with my colleagues, a publicist from E! and Kelly Wigglesworth, the runner-up who lost the first season of Survivor to Richard Hatch.

When I worked in production, I appeared in a b-roll shoot for Claritin wherein I needed to pretend to be allergic to dogs. I had to fake sneezing. The funny part is that the dog was a bichon frise — hypoallergenic.

I used the spare editing room at the PR firm where I used to work for meditation.