About Amanda and the Agency

Amanda Berlin and The ABerlin Agency Team work with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and growth-stage start-ups  to launch and cultivate new lines of business, reimagine and scale existing business, and build visibility that translates into action on behalf of audiences, not just awareness. 

The Big


If you’re toiling in obscurity it's not a good look. If you know your business could be bigger, having a greater impact, reaching more people, making more money....it doesn't feel good. And it doesn't serve the greater good. It's time to fulfill your purpose and potential.

Here are some of the deets:

Amanda has been working in marketing and business development for 23 years. For 12 years, she worked in the NYC corporate agency world in every sector of the industry. For some of the most recognizable talent and companies you've definitely heard of, Amanda worked on everything from celebrity press junkets and media outreach to press events and product launches. 

For 12 years, she's been offering business growth and visibility consulting to entrepreneurs and small businesses, democratizing access to the power of strategy and public relations and making it accessible to those who wouldn't be served by the big agency world.

Amanda guides her clients on best practices in business development, messaging and tactics that get them seen in front of the right people to convert audiences into clients and customers. 

Amanda's insight and advice have been featured in Forbes, Nasdaq, Entrepreneur, Inc., Mashable, Entrepreneur on Fire, and more. Her clients have been featured in outlets like WGN, WNYW-Fox 5 New York, SELF, and Bustle.com and innumerable podcasts and stages. Amanda has spoken on the topics of visibility, publicity, and entrepreneurship at BizChix Live, Style Collective Raleigh and New York City, FinCon, Mediavine, and more.

Here's what we can help you do...

High-touch one-on-one coaching and consulting with a community component for solo-entrepreneurs or those with a small team who are launching or scaling a coaching or consulting business. Finally reach those you're meant to serve. Grow your influence and bottom line.

Fractional marketing leadership to guide strategic planning in business opportunities and growth trajectory for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and growth-stage start ups that need a plan and support in execution. Vision, messaging, platform building, and visibility strategies that impact the bottom line. 

Strategic advisory, senior-level advisory to support your vision, articulate new opportunities, illuminate pathways you haven't seen, based on 23 years in marketing and PR, 12 years in entrepreneurship, and a decade in marketing businesses online.

Client Stories

We worked with Insure Equality, a non-profit in the insurance space that developed an InsureTech product (The Phoenix Rater) dedicated to addressing the DEI issues in the insurance industry.
In partnership with this organization's passionate, mission- and purpose-driven founder, we worked on concept and actualization of this vision. Additionally, we worked on organizational mission, messaging, strategic partnership strategy and media outreach strategy. The founder has done more than a dozen podcast interviews in six months. And The Phoenix Rater was recognized by Insurance Business America as 5-star technology provider.

We worked with 4 Corners CFO, a fractional CFO service, which, based on our collaborative message development and visibility strategies, grew to a half-million dollar business in two years. We worked with Founder, Danielle Hendon on development of her firm's offers, messaging and sales tactics, content-driven conversion tactics, signature talks and presentations, email marketing campaigns, and content strategy on social and newsletters.

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