The Pitch -- Amanda MaynardAmanda Maynard has been working privately with clients for over 10 years helping them move from stuck and overwhelm into vibrant, profitable strength based entrepreneurial ventures. She an Intuitive Strategist and a Mindset Ninja.

She says, “Your past is the path to what you’re meant to be doing now…

In this interview, we talk about how the thing you’ve been resisting might be the very thing you’re supposed to be doing with your life.

Amanda had been an entrepreneur since age 14, working alongside her mother. As she grew and evolved, she took an interest in life and health coaching. Though she resisted the term “coach,” she felt called, so she jumped…or waded…into the pool. She began by literally hitting the pavement, knocking on doors. This resulted in local television coverage! Learn about how I think she can capitalize on this past coverage to get her name out there again, now!

Listen to the interview to learn more.

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