The Pitch -Aaron Janx

On This American Life this week, Malcolm Galdwell talked about how we have a “threshold” when it comes to discomfort and being different, and it often leads to making a wrong choice. The most successful free-throw shooter in the NBA shot underhand. Why don’t more people shoot underhand? Because it looks silly. They have a high threshold. They don’t want to be ridiculed for shooting underhand, even though they will have the last laugh when their average skyrockets.

Those of us who have a low threshold are willing to be different in order to achieve success. I thought of this when contemplating how to introduce this week’s podcast guest, Aaron Janx. 

Aaron is Sales Expert and Virtual Business “Architect” who helps entrepreneurs create systems to sell their products and services. He’s sold over $10 million in product and service before the age of 30.

This interview was invigorating because Aaron basically highjacked it and started grilling me all about pitching. Super exciting for me to be challenged like that. I called up all my pitching and publicity resources and hopefully provided some good answers. There’s no question why this guy was a

This happened because Aaron is a born sales guy. He’s curious and tenacious and he wants to know the best way to get something done.

At one point, he says that when he entered sales after being an errand boy, he had no baggage. He had no fear. No chip on his shoulder. No pride to protect. He had a willingness to just do what he was trained to do, coupled with a little advice from his dad. And he achieved massive success, despite being a community college dropout.

Listen to this interview to get the goods on pitching, based on what Aaron really wanted to know. But also to learn from a guy who, through raw determination, made a huge name for himself in the sales game.

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