Amanda’s talent in getting out ‘what is in one’s head into words’ is amazing.
– Ava Del Luz, Coach

The support I received from Amanda was astonishing. I needed to put together a press release. I forwarded her a rough draft of information I found on the internet…she was not only ready and willing to help but gave me a step by step process of the information I needed to deliver, how I needed to deliver it, and actually proofread it, made changes, and did it within one night.
— Diane Diaz, Mobile Manicurist, Canvas Nail Studio, Chicago, IL

“After meeting with Amanda for two hours, I believed my dream could be a reality. within two months I had paying clients, within 6 months I had 40 clients and launched a beautiful website that I was proud to share with the world. All this was possible through partnering with Amanda and leveraging her smart, thoughtful and powerful communication skills.”
— Traci Altman, Certified Holistic Health Coach

Working with Amanda to relaunch my website with new copy was one of the greatest decisions I’ve made in my business. Amanda worked with my vision, services, values, and purpose to create web copy that clearly and genuinely expressed what I do and why I do it. Amanda was a joy to work with, responsive, dedicated, and professional. She saved me so much mental energy and time! I highly recommend her services to everyone and only wished I hired her sooner!
– Lainie Hodges, Performance Coach for Professional and Aspiring Athletes

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“I highly recommend that you have Amanda Berlin on your team. She is a great communicator she’s excellent to work with she’s hard-working — she sometimes is ahead of me which I like.”
— Don Olund, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Board Certified Executive Coach

“If you’re thinking about working with Amanda, run, don’t walk.”
— Tracy Matthews, Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Flourish and Thrive Academy

“My first guest post resulted in 1.6K likes…As a result of Amanda’s training, I was able to guest post on HuffPost and Wake Up World. Between both, my articles received 1.6K likes, which means it was seen by even more. I had no idea where to start writing good pitches. Working with Amanda helped me. Take advantage of her generosity!”
– Sylvia Solis, Relationship Coach

Working with Amanda you get the insight of PR/Marketing/Communication expert along with the nurturing and understanding of a life coach. She gets what it’s like to come out of a coaching certification program and ask yourself, ‘How am I going to make this is a business?’ Amanda helped me understand the value of my story and how it can teach me who I wanted to serve. Now I have a coaching practice that I feel proud to share with clients, blog readers, the world!
– Laura Yamin, Career Coach

“Amanda Berlin is amazing when it comes to teaching you how to write these materials. She has such vast experience, yet manages to teach it in an understandable way.”
– Dawn K. Gibson, LCSW, Mind-Body Coach for Moms

“Amanda Berlin is a true content-writing genius.”
– Kelly Lynn Adams, Business, Leadership and Life Coach, Founder of After-5 Club


“I worked with Amanda because not only do I love the person she is and completely vibe with her, but I wanted to learn how to kick start online marketing for my new coaching business. She is a master editor and helped me develop programs and killer copy. Working with Amanda was fun, insightful, inspirational and productive. Working with Amanda is like having a thousand ah-ha moments regularly with all the wisdom she drops. She is a kind and thoughtful teacher and she practices what she preaches. Nothing better than that.”
Hope McGrath, Life Coach

Amanda offers breakthrough leadership. She gets to know you, helps you know yourself, (understand your personal attributes, drivers and skills), encourages creative thinking, assists you in developing, harnessing and achieving realistic goals, and pitches in when you are ready to build relationships with people who matter in your professional life.
– Denise Kreitzman, Yenta Mentor


Amanda is very open and sensitive to other people’s needs and strengths. So, she’s able to appropriately tailor strategy and solutions. My creative mind needs focus and clarity and Amanda provides that. I think one of the most important things I’ve learned from Amanda is that your writing has to have heart.
– Jill Therese, Heal Your Face With Food