Wait, who am I exactly? My elevator speech….
I’m a former corporate publicity strategist who now uses my powers for GOOD!
I help business owners write their web copy, tell their story,
and spread their message in the media.

I believe we all have something important to say, and it’s our responsibility to raise our voices and be heard.

There are people out there who need us. It’s up to us to make sure they can find us. We’ve got work to do that can change lives!

If you’re toiling in obscurity, they are missing out…and so are you!

Here are some of the deets:

I’m a New Yorker by way of New Jersey with stints in Washington, DC and Madrid, Spain.

I’m told my Jersey often shows through, whatever that means. I’m a mama of an only. I’m obsessed with my family as well as finding the exact right word to complete my thought in every conversation (it can get annoying). And peanut butter. I’m also obsessed with peanut butter.

I was born to articulate, for myself and others.

I about died when I got a poem published in my high school literary magazine.
I studied journalism at The George Washington University, interned at CNN, wrote for a local paper, and then came back to New York (the mothership).

For a decade, I wrote media pitches for companies like Disney and Dove, Brawny and Baskin Robbins, Colgate and Campbell’s. Clients would come to me with a spokesperson and some message points and I’d package it up and create a story that would get pitched to news outlets across the country. The pitches I wrote resulted in appearances on nearly every local television outlet in the country and every national cable and network morning show at one time or another.

My day-to-day in this niche of PR is exactly what every last entrepreneur is tasked with doing when marketing their business. Take a spokesperson (themselves) and a message (their business or product) and create a story that connects with an audience.

Here’s What I Can Help You Do…

If you feel like you’ve done a lot of different things
in your life and you don’t want to sound flakey or all over the place, I help you find the important details from your experience and spin them effectively so you become the PERFECT person to be doing what you’re doing, and we write about it compellingly and effectively.
If you feel like you’re an ACE at what you do,
and your clients rave about your work, yet no one knows about you, we work together to develop a publicity strategy, the messages and talking points you need to feel prepared, and we find all the websites, blogs, magazines, podcasts and more you can contribute to to raise your profile.
If you’re seriously accomplished, hooked up and connected,
there’s always a way to level-up when it comes to visibility and strategy. We work together to snag you THE opportunities that change the status of your business from successful to ICONIC!



In my first job out of college, I booked interviews for and worked with Joan Rivers, Holly Hunter, Billy Jean King, Kathy Lee Gifford, Anderson Cooper, and among many others.


When I worked in production, I appeared in a b-roll shoot for Claritin wherein I needed to pretend to be allergic to dogs. I had to fake sneezing. The funny part is that the dog was a bichon frise — hypoallergenic.


By far the most famous person I ever met was Paul McCartney, who came out of the studio and saw me working the phones and said “So nice to have women in the control room; usually it’s big burly men!”


I helped produce an event for the arrival of AXE body spray on US soil, wherein we landed helicopters on the USS Intrepid. Looking back, I wonder where the US customs agents were.


I’ve booked and produced thousands of interviews for spokespeople ranging from the doctor who was paid to tout the benefits of the newest drug to treat fibromyalgia to Jenny Garth who was paid to promote Pillsbury Pie Crusts.


I spent September 11, 2001 in NYC in a television studio with my colleagues, a publicist from E! and Kelly Wigglesworth, the runner-up who lost the first season of Survivor to Richard Hatch.

Learn more about the kind of alchemy
that could come from a meeting or our minds!